PFL Teams

Chicago Sphinx (5-1) San Diego Werewolves (2-5) Las Vegas Vipers (1-5) North Carolina Aviators (5-2) New York Gladiators (NOT IN SEASON) St. Paul Knights (NOT IN SEASON)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Who to keep

The Sphinx and Avis rocked this season, taking out everyone from the get go...ESPECIALLY the Sphinx who almost went undefeated! But...Who do they need to keep to be just as good next season?


Mike: The best CB and WR in the league belongs to the Aviators...and he caught 75% of the teams TD's in the last 4 weeks of the season.
Mitch: Great WR and great QB....Anything else need to be said?
Nitro: Always there and always set to catch anything you throw at of the best TE's in the league.
Clone: Doesn't show up to much...but you cant deny the epic WR skills!


Hawke: Maybe not the best QB out there...but he did lead the team he owned to 5-0 and a final 6-1 record.
Elked: An epic RB that every team will want to get at...he can break through almost any defense
Ranger: Might not show up often...but great WR skills.


It was a heated game on Sunday set for 30 minutes and it was 30 minutes that rocked the world! It was a nail biter each team scoring TD after TD...It was a TD run by Elked that sealed the deal followed by a 2pt conversion run by Hawke for finish it off 29-21. CONGRATS SPHINX.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Analysis of the Prime Bowl: Sphinx Edition

The Prime bowl is set to be an amazing game as the 5-1 Sphinx take on the 5-2 Aviators for the title of best team in the Prime Football League! So now we take a look at all the aspects of the game:


Most offenses look at a drive as a set of 1st downs, the Sphinx look at it is as 1 go for the TD. The Offense usually likes HUGE plays with some AMAZING catches. The teams QB and WR's aren't EPIC but they are real close. Then again don't under estimate this teams running ability. The teams has been known for some good running plays with RB Elked.

The defense isnt as strong. It's highlight is a very good ability to stop the run. We all remember that's what killed the Werewolves in Week 1 where the Sphinx 27-0. Their pass defense is ok in some aspects, they have great Receiver coverage but they have yet to catch an interception unlike the Avis 4 in the past several weeks.

Special Teams:
The team has not had to worry about punting and the special teams always answer their TD's with an EP. They're also very good with passing 2 point conversions when they go for it. Their only tru mistake this whole season was Elked's rogue 2 pt. conversion that was blocked by the Avis defense causing the first loss by only 1 point.

How could you not look back at the Sphinx season and not say WOW! The 5-0 streak only ended by 1 point in the last week was FILLED with highlights including their week 1 shutout against the Werewolves which they won 27-0. They've also led ALL the leaderboards since week 2!

Former Matches:
The Sphinx have played the Avis twice this season and WHAT A GAME both times! They won the first one 13-7 in the last several seconds of the game with an amazing Defense. They then lost the second one only by 1 point in the last few seconds of the game!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Analysis of the Prime Bowl: Aviators Edition

The Prime bowl is set to be an amazing game as the 5-1 Sphinx take on the 5-2 Aviators for the title of best team in the Prime Football League! So now we take a look at all the aspects of the game:


The Offense of the Aviators has ranked 2nd the whole season except for week 1. The Offense mainly focuses on passes and the team has the Quarterback skills (stowawayboy and weblefty) and Receiver skills (mike, mitch, zornak, nitro) to back it up. But don't underestmate the teams running game with good mitch as RB they usually get a 1st down per run and sometimes they can throw a TD in there with the mix!

The defense wasn't extremely strong until around Week 5 where an Interception by mitch led to a string of them in the next game. Since then the Aviators star CB (mike) and other CB's have caught at least 1 Interception per game including 1 against the Sphinx by Mike that was a key factor in winning the game!

Special Teams:
The Avis special team doesn't have to do much with only 1 punt this whole season (week 3 vs. Sphinx) the the only real plays they get are EP's and a FG in the game vs. Werewolves in Week 5.

Sometimes it's the record that really counts. 5-2 isn't that bad. They're biggest win was Over the Werewolves in Week 1 of the playoffs where they beat them by 26 points for a final score of 61-34. They're worst loss came to the Vipers in Week 4 where they lost 49-35 after an Intercepted throw by Stowawayboy. And you gotta give them props for ending the Sphinx Streak in week 6 by a 1 point win.

Former Matches:
As all the teams the Avis faced the Sphinx twice this season. The Sphinx won one of them 13-7 in the last seconds of the game. The Avis then came back in week 6 to end the 5-0 streak by a 1 point win (28-27)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Repeat Performance BUT BETTER!

In week 5 The Werewolves went to North Carolina. Ofcourse they went all that way to wind up losing 43-21. They came again in the first week of the playoffs but they fell again this time 61-34. THATS EVEN WORSE THAN LAST TIME! Well good job Aviators at the Prime bowl, and to the Werewolves best of luck to you in the Spring Bowl!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

By the hair on their chinny chin chin

In week 6 the Werewolves just barely picked up the win over the Vipers 23-20. Just like in week 3 the Werewolves won by only 3 teeny points earned by a field goal right before half time.
With this win the Werewolves are advancing in the playoff scene to face the Aviators. The 4-2 Avis have beaten the Werewolves twice once by 19 points. I figure the Avis will pull off the victory at home and head on to the Prime bowl to face the 5-1 Sphinx.
If the Aviators win it'll be the 5-2 Aviators vs. the 5-1 Sphinx AND the Avis have lost once and beaten the Sphinx once. If the Avis make it it will be an AMAZING game for the gold to finish out the premiere season of the PFL!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Chance

In week 6 the Werewolves play the Vipers in yet another must-win situation for the team. If the werewolves lose they will be OUT of the playoffs (same goes for the Vipers). This is one last chance for the 2 teams that have been battling the WHOLE season!